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Pain is a tricky one and it usually takes between 2 to 4 sessions to get to the source of the pain and to treat it effectively. You will also get some ‘homework’ to do and it is imperative for the healing of the physical body to do the homework given. (no tests, no judgement just healing). When you do the ‘homework’ you re-educate the muscle and resend messages to the Central Nervous System that ‘everything is ok’ and that there is no need for the body to go into protective mode. So it is of super importance to do your stretches as prescribed by you MYYO practitioner. If you want to come for one session to ‘see’ what it’s all about, please be my guest and book and appointment. The fee structure is as below.

1 x hour session R480

2 x 1 hour sessions R900*

4 x 1 hour sessions R1 700*

5 x 1 hour sessions R 2 200*


I also have yoga-coaching  and yoga-MYYO packages.


(*discounted rate if paid up front, Terms and Conditions apply)

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Client Testimonials

"My sessions with Rulene are absolutely invaluable. She's helped me cope with the crazyness that is my life :)" Malcolm

"Rulene, has really improved my health, the method she uses is extremely calming to the body and mind, helps with stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques she uses is extremely helpful. I felt calm and at peace after my sessions. I highly recommend Rulene. Many thanks" Lisa Brits, Northriding

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