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You may have found my page because your life feels a bit overwhelming, and you would like to know more about how to claim your power over your life and health. Wellness Coaching can help you achieve just that

What is Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching specifically deals with the health and wellbeing of an individual. May it be weight loss, nutrition or exercise. If you want to live a happy and healthy life and don’t know how to begin, or find yourself getting stuck on the way, Wellness coaching is for you!

Traditionally you will think of a coach as someone to coach some type of sport. Someone that knows the best way for you to succeed at what you do. However, the coach never does the work for you. The Athlete or sportsmen (or women) still need to do the work. Similar with a Life Coach or Wellness coach; they help you find the best way for YOU to be the best YOU, but you still need to do the work.

Here’s a very short and cute video I found that explains the basics of wellness coaching.

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I’ve compiled an article to help you improve your life or if you would like more info, have a look at some of the Benefits of Wellness Coaching.

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Client Testimonials

"My sessions with Rulene are absolutely invaluable. She's helped me cope with the crazyness that is my life :)" Malcolm

"Rulene, has really improved my health, the method she uses is extremely calming to the body and mind, helps with stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques she uses is extremely helpful. I felt calm and at peace after my sessions. I highly recommend Rulene. Many thanks" Lisa Brits, Northriding

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