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What is yoga… ? And what a question. I think I would need another website to get into the nitty-gritties of what it is.

In short…

Yoga dates back thousands and thousands of years. The word comes from Sanskrit (ancient language) and it means to unify.

Unify what? The body, mind and soul and even creation. To find balance between the constant chatting of the mind and the physical limitations of the body. There a many different types of yoga and also many different styles.

Hatha Yoga forms the base of all the physical styles of yoga
we know today and includes physical poses (asanas) breathing (pranayama), cleansing practices (shatkarmas), mediation and relaxation. However, in a typical yoga class you will usually only find
asanas, pranayama and some relaxation.

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Client Testimonials

"My sessions with Rulene are absolutely invaluable. She's helped me cope with the crazyness that is my life :)" Malcolm

"Rulene, has really improved my health, the method she uses is extremely calming to the body and mind, helps with stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques she uses is extremely helpful. I felt calm and at peace after my sessions. I highly recommend Rulene. Many thanks" Lisa Brits, Northriding

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