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Are you struggling to fall pregnant, or do you want to get your body
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Are you pregnant and looking for pre-natal yoga classes?


Sleep deprivation, hormonal issues and lower back pain doesn’t have to be your post-natal reality?

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Fertility Show Africa 2021

Fertility Show Africa 2021

Fertility Show Africa (FSA) returns for two days in October with a fully interactive online show that offers participants access to a wide range of world-leading specialists, experts and clinics. FSA – which is back after its hugely successful debut last year – takes...

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5 ways which yoga can support your fertility

After a year of trying to fall pregnant, woman can feel deeply disappointed, anxious and frustrated with their bodies. The journey to conception is not an easy one and watching her friends around her become mothers can be like rubbing salt in the wounds. Finding your...

Prenatal Yoga vs. Regular Yoga

This lady, two rows in front of me is about half way through the most phenomenal transformational time of her life and I guess her to be about 20 weeks pregnant. The teacher is carrying on with her class like she doesn't exist as she tries to work around the belly and...

FREE Yoga in the Botswana Bush

Join me in the Okavango at the Yoga LiLy tent for some free flow and flying during the music festival. At the end of August, the annual music festival, Okavanga Delta Music Festival, will be held close to Maun. Myself, and another Yogi will be hosting and teaching at...

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”


– Bhagavad Gita

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A friend and I recently did a beginners aerial yoga workshop with Rulene. I hadn’t done aerial yoga before and she made everything so easy to follow, explaining everything as we went along. The class was a great experience and Rulene is such a calm and patient teacher. Thank you, will definitely be back for more classes!

– Helen Lategan

Rulene has been a wonderful, attentive and caring teacher during my pregnancy. I always left the classes physically energised, but also emotionally supported , and connected to my little one.

– Lauren Gamsu

Being pregnant for the first time came with a lot of excitement, determination and anxiety. Preggy yoga was my time to switch off from the world. Rulene made me feel calm at each session, with a focus on connecting with my baby. Being large and uncomfortable, she always checked in at the beginning of class to see if there was any specific part of my body that we needed to focus on, and she would then adapt the class and poses accordingly. At the end of each session I felt better physically and mentally; ready to tackle the day and excited for my baba’s arrival. I would highly recommend Rulene to any preggy mamas looking for a piece of calm and happiness that is solely theirs during their pregnancy.

– Catia Bastiotto

Rulene was a dream yoga instructor during my pregnancy. She took private preggy yoga classes for a friend and I during the thick of Covid lockdown in 2021 and we were big, uncomfortable and rather anxious a lot of the time. Her calm, friendly, adaptable and non-judgemental way with us was just the best. I always felt like after a class I could breathe easier and my body was happy and cared for. I would recommend Rulene to anyone looking for some body self love during their pregnancy. She really knows what she is doing and can hold a space with a lot of care and sensitivity.

– Kim Taylor

Rulene, has really improved my health, the method she uses is extremely calming to the body and mind, helps with stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques she uses is extremely helpful. I felt calm and at peace after my sessions. I highly recommend Rulene.

– Lisa Brits

My sessions with Rulene are absolutely invaluable. She’s helped me cope with the crazyness that is my life 🙂

– Malcolm

Rulene is amazing. I never did yoga with my first born but joined Rulene for my second. Her classes were the highlight of my week! I fully recommend Rulene!!

– Dominique Mulholland

Rulene is a phenomenal yoga teacher. Her extensive knowledge of the various yogic practices and techniques, combined with her personal pre- and postnatal experience, left me feeling confident that I was in good hands during my pregnancy. Rulene’s enthusiastic energy and ability to hold a sacred space, allowed me precious time to connect with my growing baby while working to build and maintain the strength needed for labour and birthing. Yoga can be a wonderful support for pregnancy and birth, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too; and I truly believe Rulene’s prenatal yoga classes were a key factor in my own positive birthing experience. Leading her classes with compassion, kindness, humour and grace, I would recommend Rulene a thousand times over!

– Kirsty Parrington

What can I say about Rulene? POWER POWER POWER. I attended her aerial yoga class on Sunday morning and while I know it is my brain / body that ultimately decides to move in to position, Rulene has the most calming and reassuring way of convincing me that I will be “fine” and that I can do it. She has honestly, in only a couple of classes, provided a safe place for me to tap in to my own lack of trusting self. At the end of each class, I feel more empowered and not only can I feel the onset of a physical change but my belief in self grows and grows every week and for that I will be eternally grateful.

– Bronwen Singlam

I joined Rulene’s weekly UK online yoga class when I arrived in London in 2021. It has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. Before she begins the class, she finds out what physical challenges you have and tailors the intensity to suit your ability. From the start you feel safe and you know she is in control. Her demeanour and voice are soothing and her instructions clear allowing you to flow from one position to the next and easily follow how to breathe through the exercises. As a relative newcomer to yoga I can’t express how much better I feel after Rulene’s classes, much looser, calmer and alive.

– Nicci Broome

It was my first time doing Aerial yoga and I am not the most flexible or agile person around. But during the class I was able to a lot. The class started with a small Meditation and having a 10 year background in Meditation I felt myself going into a relaxing state. Rulene was extremely patient and explained everything step by step. Her methods of teaching is superb and I was able to do the complete course through. Toward the end we finished off with a relaxing meditative experience.

I went there feeling highly stressed, and left with a sense of peace and full of energy.

I would recommend this class for all genders who wish to practice yoga, and anyone who is feeling stressed and overwhelmed right now.

I will definitely return for another class.

– Shan Khan